Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Get to know Jeffrey Schlapp - Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Jeff is a huge Cubs fan and was invited to testify today at the city council meeting regarding Wrigley Field game and schedule modifications. Keep the Cubs - Save Wrigley Field!

Here's what Jeff had to say today:
"Good Morning, My name is Jeff Schlapp and I’ve been a diehard Cubs fan since 1965 when my grandfather first took me to see his beloved Cubs at Wrigley. Since then I’ve lived to see the:
1. 1969 Cubs fade;
2. Lights added to Wrigley;
3. Sandberg’s “Roy Hobbs” game against the Cards;
4. The 1984 Gatorade grounder through Leon’s glove;
5. The 2003 nightmare;
6. …and now the RoofTop Associations interference with a business owners plans to improve his business and improve the community in which it conducts its business at the sole expense of the business owner, Tom Ricketts.

I took my father-in-law to his first Cubs game, and I’ve taken my wife’s niece and nephew to their first Cubs game; last year I took my daughter, Gracie, who is named after my favorite Cubs player to her first game. In 1992-94 I lived 3-blocks from Wrigley and in 1993 attended all but 2-home games.
I’ve been a season ticket holder for the past 3- years, and I can honestly say, that besides the birth of my 3-kids, and passing the Bar, the email I received from the Cubs 3-years ago, telling me after an 11-year wait I had an opportunity to become a season ticket holder was the happiest day of my life.
I support the Cubs renovation plans. I’ve lived in Chicago for 22 years and I believe the Cubs plans are good for both the business of running the baseball operations, the upkeep of a national treasure which Wrigley is; and for the surrounding community as well.
Two weeks ago I went to a game at Fenway in Boston, the oldest park in the nation which also includes a large Jumbotron; however, it only served to add to my experience not take away from it while the park was able to keep its old time atmosphere.
I support the Cubs plans and I urge this Council to vote in favor of the Cubs renovations."


See Jeff's professional profile HERE

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