Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Testimonial Tuesday!!!

Union millwright finds his "self worth" thanks to Mitch and the Horwitz team!

"I was lifting heavy steal at work and tore my rotator cuff. I knew I needed some legal representation but waited a few years until things got worse. Thankfully a family friend told me about Mitch Horwitz. I went through some very extensive therapy but nothing was helping. Mitch got me into a pain management specialist and kept it under control. I could only lift a maximum of 20lbs on my left arm so I couldn't go back to work as a union millwright. When I lost the ability to go back to what I was used to doing put me in unfamiliar territory and I questioned my worth.  Mitch and Cassandra were able to make sure that my pay kept coming in since it was my only source of income. Mitch battled with the insurance companies and got me the settlement that I deserved. He also made sure my medical bills were taken care of and my rights were protected. If I had any questions Mitch and Cassandra were there for me. It was such a great feeling not worrying about all the details and knowing that they were protecting my best interests. I am so grateful for Mitch and the Horwitz team!"

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