Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Testimonial Tuesday!

Way to go Marc and Mitch. We love our clients and make sure they are taken care of.

"Marc Perper helped me very much. I really felt bad for him because he basically was handed a mess due to another attorney messing up my case to start with. I was and am very impressed with both Marc and Mitch. I also like the fact that they were aware and involved themselves in getting to know about the different Chronic Pain conditions. I met Marc & Mitch at a Reflex Sympethetic Dystrophy Support Group. So many Doctors don't know what RSD is and it makes for a very difficult case, if the Attorney doesn't get involved and get you to the right Doctors to get you help ... that in turn will get you the help you need physically & financially. Marc is a fantastic attorney and was always on top of things. He is truely amazing. The firm is blessed to have such a wonderful attorney!!!" ~Horwitz client who wanted to ramain anonymous 

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