Thursday, August 16, 2012

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is described as a blow or jolt to the head that can disrupt the function of the brain. The symptoms of a TBI can range from a mild concussion to the extremes of coma or sadly, death.

Every year in the US, an estimated 1.4 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury. The leading causes are vehicle accidents and crashes, birthing injuries, and slips and falls. Approximately 5.3 million Americans currently live with disabilities resulting from a traumatic brain injury. Our personal injury attorneys represent clients or loved ones of clients located in the Chicago, Illinois area, who have suffered severe brain injuries.
Illinois personal injury attorneys find victims of brain injury and their families often are not given adequate information regarding the serious nature of their medical condition. The field of traumatic brain injury is extremely complex, and health care providers often do not have the time or resources to adequately address all of the medical and recovery issues involved.
Victims living with traumatic brain injuries need specialized legal representation if a case is going to be pursued. In and around Chicago, brain injury lawyers are uniquely experienced in the complex medical and legal issues involved in such cases.
Injuries suffered as a result of a traumatic brain injury can be severe and life-altering. Immediate goals often include getting medical bills paid and covered. In addition, your traumatic brain injury attorney should help make sure you or your loved one does not suffer financially through any lost wages, and make sure the appropriate insurance company will pay for future treatment relating to your injury.
If you are considering pursuing traumatic brain injury litigation, Horwitz Horwitz & Associates partner and personal injury attorney, Michael Carter, can help. Click here to visit his attorney profile. 

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