Monday, October 8, 2012

Weissburg's Workers' Compensation Tip of the Month: Surveillance

Surveillance - The White Van

You’re getting your Temporary Total Disability. The doctors are getting paid . . . eventually. Everything is going swimmingly. The adjuster seems really friendly on the phone. Life is good. Birds are chirping. There’s a rainbow in the sky. There’s a white van following you. There’s a . . . what?

Surveillance is very common in Workers’ Compensation claims. The purpose is to catch you doing something outside your restrictions. Even if you aren’t doing anything outside your restrictions, they’ll still act like you are. See that, we got surveillance of you pumping gas into your car. GUILTY!!!
If you see the white van following you around, make sure that you are staying within your doctor’s restrictions. In fact, that’s good advice even if they aren’t following you around. Always follow your doctor’s orders. But super duper follow them if you see the man with the camera.
The adjuster is not going to warn you about surveillance. It’s one more little tool in their toolbox they’d rather you not know about it. Now that you know, be careful. 

The above tip is taken from Horwitz Horwitz & Associates Attorney Mark Weissburg's book, How to Win a Workers' Compensation Claim in Illinois. For a free copy please visit one of our locations or call toll free and ask for Jeanette if you would like to receive one in the mail.
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