Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why Hire an Attorney Part III, Settlement

Excerpt from Mark Weissburg's book, How to Win a Workers Compensation Claim in Illinois

Every case eventually must be settled, and to get a fair settlement, you will almost always need an attorney. Workers' Compensation attorneys know what a case is worth, injured workers, as a rule, do not. If you want to do the research yourself, and look up cases where there was a similar injury, similar time off work, similar treatment, and similar permanent restrictions after treatment ended, by my guest. More importantly, after you have done all that work, it is still unlikely any adjuster will pay you the fair value of the claim. Why should they, you have no leverage. you can only say yes or no to their offer, but you cannot get them to increase the offer. If you say yes, you end up with a very low settlement. If you say no, you get nothing. Not a good set of choices.

An experienced Workers' Compensation lawyer not only has the experience needed to properly value your claim, but has the leverage to get a settlement that is consistent with that value. Even if you decide to manage the entire claim on your own, when it comes time to settle, please contact an attorney. If you have questions about he settlement of your Workers' Compensation case, please feel free to call me, Mark Weissburg, at 312-372-8822. I don't want anyone to settle for a penny less than his or her case is worth. You deserve to be compensated for your injury.

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