Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You're 3 Basic Rights Part I

Right to Medical Treatment

In Illinois, the Workers' Compensation Act provides injured workers with three basic rights; Medical treatment, compensation for time off work and settlement at the end of your case. There are additional rights that will be discussed later but first you should become familiar with these three basic rights and what they can mean for your claim.

1st Right - Medical Treatment

If you have been injured, you deserve to get the best medical care available. In Illinois, we are very fortunate that injured workers are allowed to choose their own doctors. But you need to be aware of restrictions to this right. The most important is the "Two Doctor Rule." This rule states that you can make two initial choices of doctor, and that these doctors must then refer you to other health care providers for any additional treatment. Don't get bullied into getting treatment form a doctor you don't want to see.

Excerpt from Mark Weissburg's book, How to Win a Workers Compensation Claim in Illinois

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