Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Construction injuries are among the most serious we encounter.

We have handled thousands of construction claims and pride ourselves on our knowledge. One of the partners in our firm, Jay Luchsinger, is a third generation ironworker out of Local 1. Further we have two former business agents working for the firm, one out of the laborers hall and one out of the carpenter’s hall.
Construction sites are rife with danger. From tripping hazards to fall hazards, it’s a danger zone. The most common injuries are due to lifting. The most serious injuries are usually due to falls from heights. However, even a trip over a piece of conduit can result in serious injury.
When injured on a construction site, the worker clearly has a Workers’ Compensation claim, but we sometimes find that the employer has no insurance. Under this scenario, Illinois law permits us to prosecute the company that hired the uninsured employer. This allows the Workers’ Compensation claim to go forward. We have seen numerous lawyers who fail to know this rule and who let injured workers go uncompensated.
With any construction injury, one must always evaluate whether there is a “third-party” case.
Severe injuries to construction workers are devastating. Since construction work is usually heavy duty and there is frequently no light or moderate duty work available, a serious injury can mean a loss of career. Since tradesmen are usually well paid and have excellent benefits, it’s almost impossible for the injured worker to find a comparable job. We have seen too many households end up in divorce over this tragedy.
In a number of conservative states, construction workers are poorly paid and have terrible laws protecting them. Thankfully, in Illinois, we have reasonable laws that recognize the hard work and sweat that the construction worker puts into his job. Jurors recognize it also. Hence, if we can demonstrate the injury was partially caused by someone other than your employer, we can frequently obtain full and substantial compensation for the injury so contact us today for a free consultation.

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